Council Tax Mandatory Rebate Scheme 2022-23

Households in England in council tax bands A to D

This application is to be used once you have received a written invitation to apply. The Invitation letter contains the relevant information you will need to complete this form. The application form will not complete if you have not yet been sent an invitation to apply.

To make the claim you must have the consent of all residents in the household who are named on the Council Tax bill, to do so. Only one mandatory application and grant can be made for your address.

To make this application you will need the following: -

You will need to have your council tax account reference and submit the claim under the exact name details as printed on your Council Tax Bill. You will also need your Council Tax Reference and the Grant Invitation Reference from the letter or email we sent you. Please have your bill and invite to hand to hand for ease of reference.

You must provide: - Your date of birth and a contact telephone number/email address. Your bank detail as payments will be made by BACS to your bank account. A copy of a bank account statement issued in the last 60 days showing your name & address. Where your statement does not show your name and address you will need to submit an additional copy of another official letter dated in the last 60 days to prove your name and address or another ID (example a letter from a Government Department or UK Driving licence). These details are required for validation to prevent fraud.

The grant may only be paid after the application is vetted and approved and will be subject to checks to prevent fraud. The payment will only be paid to a UK Bank account held by the claimant and will be paid by BACS (automated bank transfer). The Council is obliged to validate individuals bank details as part of its duty to deter, detect and prevent fraud and the details will be subject to a check by an automated bank validation and payment processing service.

When payments are made on validated cases, we will not be issuing any message/letters. The payments will be made via Bacs & your bank account statement will show this payment as LBTH Council Tax.

Start a form

If you have all the information and documents to hand, click on the start button to start your application. Please check that another household member has not already made a claim before you do.